Whether your marketing budget is in the thousands or the millions, efficiency is key in making your dollars go farther. Many companies have turned to memorable toll free numbers so they can provide better sales and support. You may know that assigning a unique toll free number to a marketing campaign can help track marketing response. But many companies are now turning their toll free numbers inward in their approach to sales and service. When marketing pieces include a sales or service component it’s much easier to direct callers to a specific department by using a unique toll free number. Customers and prospects won’t have to sit through layer upon layer of menus or auto-attendants in order to get right where you need them for conversions and retention. This is the kind of efficiency that saves money across the board. Campaign analytics through use of toll free numbers gives companies valuable insight that leads to marketing efficiency and campaign success. Toll free numbers are exceptional in their ability to track campaign effectiveness and advertising ROI. By knowing how much impact each dollar has companies are better able to spend those dollars in the wisest locations. Toll free numbers provide enhanced data for lead nurturing and call center performance. Additional data from toll free numbers includes customer calling history and geographic data. Much like websites track returning visitors versus unique visitors, your toll free numbers can help you track returning and unique callers. This data can be used to help route callers and to provide call centers with valuable insight into prospects. New 833 toll free numbers available April 22nd, 2017. Because memorable toll free numbers are so valuable the new 833 prefix gives companies the chance to obtain all of these benefits with highly memorable numbers. ATL Communications offers an 833 reservation system to make sure you can get quality numbers for your organization. CLICK HERE