Toll Free: What Your Carrier Didn’t Tell You

Toll Free numbers used to have a clear advantage: they allowed customers to call long distance at no cost to them. It was a huge advantage for companies who made an income from call-ins, or for government agencies who offered crucial services over the phone. Read more

833 Numbers- Make Your Mark!

Why don’t your toll free numbers say what you really want? Many companies “make do” with numbers, but with 833, you don’t have to “make do” any more! Read more

ATL Communications Wins Somos 2017 Toll-Free Advocacy Award

At the Somos annual Toll-Free Users Summit held in Chicago earlier this week, ATL Communications was announced as the winner of the first-ever Advocacy Award for the toll-free industry.

(PRWEB) OCTOBER 02, 2017

At their annual summit, Somos, the Toll-Free numbering and registry administration service for the telecommunications industry, announced winners of their first annual Toll-Free Industry Awards in the categories of Toll-Free Advocacy, Tech Breakthrough, and the Campaign of the Year. Read more

Don’t Leave Your Telecommunications Disaster Recovery Plan to Chance

Recently the FCC came under fire for poor response times in the aftermath of the major hurricanes that wreaked havoc across the United States. Thousands of people were left without access to cellular and internet service following these disasters, some for weeks. Read more

The Grand Challenge – Telecom Rating, Routing & Management

There was a time when behemoth Microsoft had been written off for missing the mobile window and being out of touch with their customers. And yet, today they are thriving, capitalizing on the cloud and changing their culture to be better aligned with customers while improving the environment for employees. Read more