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Your Toll-Free Number Management Experts is America and Canada’s first and largest independent, carrier-neutral, Responsible Organization, managing millions of toll-free and local numbers. strives to bring automation, efficiency, productivity, cost savings, and a reduction of complexities to all businesses who seek control of their numbering assets.

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Toll-Free Number Management

Becoming your own RespOrg has some serious advantages. As a RespOrg, you have complete control over your toll-free numbers. This means that in the event of a carrier outage, you are able to quickly and efficiently move 100% of your traffic to your back-up carrier or remove the down carrier from your LCR. Basically, your carrier cannot hold your numbers hostage which opens doors to alternative rate decks for least cost routing, disaster recovery solutions, and quicker turn time for re-routes.


The ATLAS Pro platform, from, offers toll-free number management through a powerful and intuitive GUI interface. With APIs available for toll-free search, reserve, and routing directly into your back-end systems, ATLAS Pro allows users to create custom traffic templates bringing users closer to their ideal routing scenarios. Among other features, ATLAS Pro boasts industry-best inventory reporting, number parking of non-active numbers, real-time SOMOS connectivity via MGIs, and 2-click disaster recovery. With multiple plans available to fit any size organization, ATLAS Pro gives your business complete control of your toll-free numbering assets.

Toll-Free Number Management

Disaster Recovery allows you to bypass the carrier altogether. You have complete control of your numbers, and in the event of an outage it’s a simple and speedy process to change carriers and get your numbers back up and working. Toll free numbers are one of a company’s most valuable assets. Every incoming call is a potential sale and can equate to actual dollars. When a carrier suffers an outage, it’s your business that pays the price. For as low as $49.00 per month, your business can be protected from carrier outages that could affect your customer retention, new customer acquisition, and potentially cost your business money.

Toll-Free Number Management

Toll-Free Search & Reserve

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, a memorable toll-free number connects you to your customers. Some providers will overwhelm you with toll-free numbers that have little to no value. We only offer the highest quality numbers with vanity wording, true 800’s, or sought-after repeating digits. Our experienced team will guide you, step-by-step, on how to migrate your new toll-free number(s) to any provider that you’d like. Porting is a complicated process, but we handle it for you so you can rest easy! This is just the beginning of what you will be able to do with our toll-free search and reserve platform. As development sprints come to fruition, expect to see monetization options for your unused numbering inventory, park/protect functionality, 3rd party number listing, shared use, local number search and reserve, as well as automated porting of your newly reserved number(s).

Toll-Free Number Management

Toll-Free Least Cost Routing

When inbound toll free calls are routed to your company, that traffic can follow several different paths. Least Cost Routing is a method by which we help you determine the lowest cost path. Call quality and stability are never compromised. You can use your existing carriers and maintain full control of your carrier relationships. This means you can use Tier 1 carriers and remain compliant with your existing contracts. Using criteria such as geographic location, time of day, and carrier rate data, we build a complex routing template which we then load into the SMS 800 database. As a result, your toll free traffic is routed for the least cost possible, saving you money. You don’t have to make any changes. We just help you more efficiently route your traffic and suddenly you have more money in your pocket. It couldn’t be more simple.

Toll-Free Number Management

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